MYTH: I’m on the “safe” side of the barrier.  So I’m happy.


The barrier does not solve the storm surge or flood risk on either side of the barrier. The Gulf side could suffer with even  a small storm surge.  The Bay side could still suffer from increased flooding from surge created in Galveston Bay depending on the direction and intensity of hurricane winds. 


MYTH: I don't own property on Bolivar. So this doesn't affect me.


This 27 mile long wall and levee system is part of a larger wall that will run all the way to San Luis Pass.  The total cost of the project is projected to be between $23-31 BILLION. The maintenance cost alone, which will be covered by local counties and the state of Texas, is estimated to be $150 Million dollars a year.  ALL that money comes from your tax dollars.  


MYTH: It's a seawall I can drive on. They have needed to raise that road forever!


You will not be able to drive on it.  It is a solid earthen levee or steel wall that runs along Highway 87.  It will have a few cut throughs but not many.  Getting across from the beach to the bayside will be difficult.  



MYTH: It won't happen in my lifetime. So I'm not worried.


If this plan is approved it can move up on the agenda and funds could be appropriated any time after 2021. Also small sections, like the levees on Bolivar could be started by the state even before the federal funds are approved. 


MYTH: We have to do this. It's our only solution.


The Galveston Bay Park Plan - A smaller system of gates closer to the area in the upper portion of Galveston Bay that needs protection.  A plan that is estimated to costs $2-3 billion dollars and can be completed sooner is the best option.  


MYTH: There is nothing I can do.

FACT:  You can make your feelings known.  Attend a Public Comment Meeting.  Write or Email or Call you governmental officials and tell them  what you think. Tell others about the Coastal Barrier Plan and what it means for our coast and the wildlife.    



MYTH: They are going to build a barrier along the beach and cover it with sand and grass. It will look natural, like sand dunes and will protect us all .

FACT:  That plan, which was pushed for by Dr. Bill Merrell from TAMU Galveston and a number of others, is not possible along our coastline. We do not have a large enough resource of sandy sediment to support that type of a structure. And due to the scouring action of currents in our area, even if we could find a source for that much sand, it would be eroded rapidly along much of the coast and within a few years we would have a seawall instead of "engineered dunes."


MYTH: The Coastal Barrier will not affect the wildlife along the coast.

FACT:  Many forms of wildlife will suffer because of the Coastal Barrier Plan, including several endangered species.  Please contact the Houston Audubon Society at or the Galveston Bay Foundation at for more information.  


MYTH: This will help the protect the coast and our property values will remain intact.

FACT:  Property values will be impacted.  Some property may be taken by eminent domain during construction of the barrier, property values will change due to impeded access and change in view, others will change to do increased risk of storm surge damage.  Some property may be uninsurable after construction is complete.