About us

We want to save the Texas Coast. was originally formed to spread the word about the US Army Corps of Engineers' plan to build a 20 foot high, 27 mile long wall along highway 87 on the Bolivar Peninsula.  This will effectively destroy the economy and wildlife, including several endangered species.  In addition, it will  decimate the property values and the community we know and love.  This plan will cost over 30 billion dollars and is a gross misuse of tax payer funds.  We have grown and want to support our entire Texas Coastline and all the communities effected by this barrier.  Please come back often for more news and information about this important topic.  The barrier system will impact 10% of our Texas Coast!  

There is a better solution to the US Army Corps of Engineers' Coastal Barrier Plan.   The Galveston Bay Park Plan provides more localized protection where it is needed most.  It can be done more cost effectively and more quickly.  This plan will produce better results by saving our most valuable resources, our petrochemical industry and our environment.  

The official public comment period closes on February 8th. We encourage you to write to your governmental officials and let them know we don't want the Coastal Barrier.  

Write or email the US Army Corp of Engineers at and  find the information to contact our governmental officials on our Home Page.  Don't forget to Sign our Petition. 


How can you help



Attend townhall meetings and learn about the project.  Attend local public meetings, when the US Army Corps of Engineers will be present for public comment, and make your feelings known about the Coastal Barrier Plan. 




Contact the US Army Corps of Engineers and let them know you do not want the Coastal Barrier on Bolivar.  


Contact your governmental officials and let them  know what you think about the Costal Barrier and that you don't want them to support it.

Scroll down to find a list of governmental agencies you  can contact.  



Tell everyone you can about the Coastal Barrier Plan.  It will impact more than just the Bolivar Peninsula's property and business owners.  The surrounding communities will also be effected.   

Something else to consider, funding this Coastal Barrier Plan, when there is a better, less expensive option is a gross misuse of tax payer dollars. We must stand together and oppose this Coastal Barrier Plan.  

Public Open Houses


February 8th, 2020

High Island High School 

2113 6th Street 

High Island, TX 77623


February 12, 2020

Galveston Convention Center

5600 Seawall Blvd

Galveston, TX 77551


February 13, 2020

Bay Area Community Center 

5002 E NASA Parkway 

Seabrook, TX 77586


Written Comments Accepted - write to:

Coastal Texas Study

2500 Summer Street 

Suite 1130

Houston, TX 77007

or email:

Your Representatives

Texas US Representative - Dist 4

Randy Weber

505 Orleans St #103

Beaumont, TX 77701



Texas US Senator

Ted Cruz

The Mickey Leland Federal Building 

191 Smith St. #9047

Houston, TX 77002



Texas US Senator

John Cornyn

5300 Memorial Dr. #980

Houston, TX 77007


Texas State Representative - Dist 23

Mayes Middleton

PO BOX 300

Wallisville, TX 77597


Texas State Senator - Dist 4

Brandon Creighton

PO BOX 12068 

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 11

Larry Taylor 

PO BOX 12066

Austin, TX 78711


Your representatives

Texas State Senator - Dist 10

Konni Burton

PO BOX  12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 30

Craig Estes

PO BOX 12068

Capitol Station 

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 6

Sylvia Garcia 

PO BOX 12068

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 9

Kelly Hancock

PO BOX 12068

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 20

Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa

PO BOX 12068

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 16

Texas Senate: Senator Huffines 

1400 Congress Ave.

Austin, TX 78701


Your Representatives

Texas State Senator - Dist 18

Lois Kolkhorst

PO BOX 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 13

Borris Miles

PO BOX 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 29

Jose Rodriguez

PO BOX 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 31

Kel Seliger

PO BOX 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 8

Van Taylor

PO BOX 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711


Texas State Senator - Dist 21

Judith Zaffirini

PO BOX 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711


Your County Commissioner

County Commissioner - Pct. 1

Darrell A. Apffel 

2516 Texas Ave #135

Texas City, TX 77590







Governmental Agencies

Texas General Land Office

George P. Bush 

1700 Congress Ave.

Austin, TX 78701-1495


United States Army Corps Of Engineers

411 G. Street NW

Washington, DC 20314-1000


Galveston District Office 

Ms. Jennifer Morgan

PO BOX 1229

Galveston, TX 77553-1229